About Bare Sugar & Wellness Studio

Bare Sugar & Wellness Studio is a spa experience with heart. Named for Sydney’s granddaughter Naomi, whom she calls “Sugar Bear”, this business represents the expansion and vision of a family which has already started several successful beauty based studios before, and is now excited to bring that expertise to the amazing Glover Park Hotel. We hope that you will feel as at home here as we do.

About Sydney

Sydney is our resident wax and sugar expert with over 30 years in the field. She brings knowledge and a passion for all-natural ingredients, as well as finding the right products and treatment options to keep skin healthy. Although she specializes in brazilians, her experience and methods make every waxing experience a great one, no matter what needs waxing! To make things even better, her wax is not only good for you, but it’s great for the planet as well, so you can truly enjoy the experience guilt-free. 

Her other accolades include licenses both as a medical esthetician and a massage therapist, so you know you are in good hands which care about your skin. She is especially attuned to more sensitive skin types. If you have concerns about any skin problems Sydney is the person to visit as that has been her focus as long as she’s been in business! This includes the time she has spent working alongside plastic surgeons and dermatologists perfecting her approach to your skin’s health and beauty. Having spent time in the sunny U.S Virgin islands, Sydney is the perfect balance of relaxed warmth and professionalism that keeps customers coming back again and again.

About Dr. Mohammed

Dr. Mohammed has been working in the field of holistic wellness for 12 years. As a doctor of oriental medicine he has gotten clinical experience and trained excessively in the ‘Master Tung’ acupuncture system famed for its effectiveness and consistent results. He has also trained in the ‘Balance Method’ founded by the late doctor Richard Teh-Fu Tan and in Auricular Medicine with doctor Soliman, as well as with the latest laser acupuncture technology. Through these diverse methods Dr. Mohammed has been able to help his patients with skin health, sleep issues, and headaches; as well as chronic health conditions such as Lyme, fatigue, allergies, anxiety, depression, food sensitivities, and a number of gastrointestinal conditions and autoimmune disorders.

Previously Dr. Mohammed has lived and worked in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he had his own practice as well as working alongside a thriving holistic dental office where he integrated his knowledge of acupuncture, oriental, and auricular practices with their dental services. Every day he strives to both educate and heal his patients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives.

Nyla Bare Sugar and Wellness

About Nyla

 Nyla has worked in the medical field as a certified medical technician for over 10 years, doing everything from vaccinations to suture and staple removals. As a certified brow and lash technician, she has offered her personalized treatments and nurturing touch to uplift many brows and lashes, leaving her clients eyes sparkling. Like Sydney, she cares deeply about what products she is using on your skin, and has spent hours researching how to treat different skin types. She is now apprenticing to become a licensed esthetician and is excited to bring her well-rounded experience to your facial appointment. As a mother to three beautiful children, an amazing husband and a cat named  Money.   Nyla balances a caring heart with flexibility and fun.

About our Skincare Lines

We are so happy to let you bring our standard of beauty treatments home with you by offering our two favorite curated skincare lines for purchase. 

Indie Lee is an award-winning women owned skincare line from New Jersey. This small business blends high-quality organic ingredients into solutions that really work.

Dawn Lorraine Skincare hails from California as another award-winning organic line created for estheticians, by an esthetician.

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