“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice. Your mind. Your Story. Your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”

– Neil Gaiman

Brows & Lashes

Put your best face forward with our customized eyebrow and eyelash treatments. Upkeeping these facial features draws attention to your eyes, and can give you a clean look even if you’re rolling out of bed to a zoom meeting. 

Your brows will be expertly shaped by our brow technician using a combination of hard and soft wax, as well as tweezers, to give you a flattering classic brow. This shape can last up to three weeks so you’re always ready for a close up! Another option for enhancement is a brow color tint using our customized brow dye to darken the brows for up to three weeks. If you find your eyebrows to need a little extra tlc, you might also enjoy a brow lamination, which uses a four step treatment to help you tame unruly or sparse brows and give you the enhancement you have always wanted for six to eight weeks!

We also can provide a four step perm treatment to your eyelashes, curling them up to achieve a fuller look for four to six weeks. Our customized dye is also safe for your lashes if you would like to darken them as well for a period of two weeks. If you haven’t paid attention to your brows or lashes before, you will come out of these treatments feeling like a whole new person!


Our resident waxing and sugaring expert uses all natural and organic ingredients to keep your skin soft and healthy while removing any unwanted hair down under. Our hard wax is made of decadent chocolate while our homemade sugar paste has only four ingredients. When you want to keep things natural and healthy but clean and bare, any one of these options will work for you! 

All four options maintain the same amount of precision and professionalism and just vary on the amount of hair you want removed. Our “Pure Sugar Brazilian” forgoes the wax to treat you to only a sugar paste removal if you prefer things a little more sweet. If you’re a first time waxer, we would recommend our “Baby Bikini” service, which gives you a clean bikini line while leaving some of the more sensitive areas intact.

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For an extra glow down below, try getting this luxury treatment. This experience is best when paired with or following up after getting a Brazilian, as it helps smooth bumps, removes redness and ingrown hairs, and overall helps maintain the health and hydration your skin craves. Preventing hyperpigmentation and discoloration while also ensuring your dead skin cells are gone is that extra self-care step you’ve been missing.

Body Waxing

We can remove hair from anywhere with our all natural body wax, from your upper lip to the tops of your toes. Embarrassed by your tummy trail? Annoyed by your back hair? Regardless of gender we will make you proud of your body while maintaining your skin’s health by paying attention to what matters: ingredients and experience.


Pamper your skin with one of our effective facials that are sure to leave your face feeling hydrated and refreshed. Our licensed Medical Esthetician and our incredible apprentice who has spent ten years as a medical technician bring their focus and attention to every pore and impurity so you can leave confident with your complexion. 

Our carefully curated product line IndieLee is all-natural, organic, and mostly vegan. We chose this brand because it aligned with our values and worked in all the right ways. We’re excited for you to experience it for yourself.


Laser acupuncture combines oriental and conventional medical theories with painless low-level lasers, which targets specific points on the body to resolve difficult disorders with no negative side effects. Combining these lasers with homeopathic-like substances, it is easy to discover what your body needs and allows it to self-adjust accordingly.


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